We Provide Best Value to Our Clients

At Headwaters, we are builders.

The construction process has been referred to as a balancing act of three components: schedule, quality, and cost.  At Headwaters Construction Company, our goal is to not only balance but maximize the value derived from each component.  To accomplish this goal, Headwaters has employed some of the best construction professionals in the industry to oversee, manage, and direct each project.  These project managers, and superintendents are capable, competent, and committed to making every Headwaters project a success.  Give us a call and let’s partner on your next project!

What is a General Contractor?

To manage the construction of a project, a client hires a general contractor. The general contractor is responsible for all the material and labor necessary to complete the project within a specified budget and schedule and to the quality standard prescribed in the construction documents.  Different types of contracts are used between owner and contractor and include Lump Sum or Fixed Price, Cost Plus, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or a Time and Material contract.

Construction Services include:

  • Scheduling

  • Quality Control

  • Material Procurement

  • Safety

  • Cost Control

  • Risk Management

  • Mock-ups

  • Collaboration

  • Waste Management

  • Punch List

  • Site Supervision

  • Subcontractor Coordination