We Provide Best Value to Our Clients

A successful project begins during pre-construction.

At Headwaters Construction Company, our mission is to develop lasting relationships with our clients, built on the foundation elements of Integrity, Transparency, Communication, and Teamwork.  Each one of these elements is also critical to a successful pre-construction process.  At all times, our pre-construction staff is upfront and honest with project scheduling, is transparent with project costs, communicates project details, and puts the project team first.  We work hard at providing the most comprehensive pre-construction experience in the industry and we look forward to demonstrating this expertise on your next project.  Just let us know when we can help!

What are Pre-Construction Services?

Prior to construction, and during the design phase of a project, the general contractor may be selected to provide services that help the client receive the greatest value on the project.  This is done as the design evolves and the client is able to allocate funds to aspects of the project that align with their goals for design, functionality, longevity and maintainability.  Pre-construction is successful when the final design represents these goals.

Pre-Construction Services include:

  • Cost Estimating
  • Planning
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Plan Review
  • Option Studies
  • Cost Saving Alternatives
  • Coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Subcontractor Procurement
  • Mock-ups
  • Value Engineering
  • Life Cycle Analyses